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Green leaves

If we think about two things that differentiate our land from the rest of the world, it doesn't come to mind: gastronomy and the sea. They are two elements that unite us and make us feel proud. But what happens when you want to go outside the box? ISAUKI was born from this movement, because we are not like the rest, but we don't pretend to be either.


When the sea and gastronomy come together and you want to escape from convention, you have to look for an alternative. We also love the oceans and good food, but we live it from an alternative point of view , creating alternatives . We want to spread our healthy and active lifestyle, in which the transition to a plant-based diet is possible.

Since we started working in 2020, we have seen many changes in the local food industry, and we are proud to contribute by helping to improve flavors and perceptions of what they should be.

Immerse yourself in the ISAUKI adventure!




We offer alternatives so that you can contribute to taking care of your health and that of the oceans. It is a way to include seaweed in your daily consumption and more vegetable options in your diet.



Our R&D team works daily on the challenge of creating plant-based fish and seafood. Investigating new ingredients, processes and the fascinating world of algae with the aim of achieving healthy, delicious and easy-to-prepare products.



Our products promote sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

We raise awareness about environmental impact and promote responsible practices to ensure a future where the oceans are safe.


Our mission contributes to meeting the following Sustainable Development Goals to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all that aim to be achieved in 2030.


Responsible production and consumption
submarine life
responsible production
terrestrial ecosystems
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